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Stephen Sim

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Stephen Sim is a internationally renowned improviser. He has spent the last two decades toured the world performing shows, leading masterclasses and collaborating with inspiring artists. 

An artist wears many hats and gains many skills. Stephen not only has an expertise in improvisation he also can be found writing, directing and producing. He loves teaching and enjoys being a speaker coach and leading workshops on creativity and communication using applied improvisation skills.

Stephen Sim is the founder and Artistic Director of the Winnipeg Improv Festival and the founder and Director of The Improv Company Training Centre.

He looks forward to collaborating with you!



Sketch Comedy and Improv


Forms the improv company CRUMBS


International touring and Improv Festivals


The Improv Company

Stephen first begins writing and performing sketch comedy with the group "Higher Than The Ground". He also begins to experiment with improv.

After "Higher Than The Ground" disbands in 1996, Stephen experiments with film and writing. Eventually forming a new improv and sketch company called CRUMBS.

Stephen begins to tour Canada and the United States in search of more improvisation. He travels to Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago, Montreal and Toronto. All insearch of companies and artists to expand his knowledge. In Edmonton he makes contact with Rapid Fire Theare. In Vancouver he makes contact with Instant Theatre, in Seattle he makes contact with Unexpected Productions, in Toronto he makes contact with Second City, in Chicago he makes contact with the Improv Olympic. So many contacts.

This all leads to attending the Berlin International Improv Festival in 2001. Then, with his improv duo CRUMBS, he tours all over Europe and beyond for over a decade. This time represents an era of experimenting with longform improv formats and honing his improv workshops and classes.

Stephen sees the great potential in improvisation, not only as an entertaining and artistic form but as a skill set that can be applied to all artistic practices and professional settings. He has worked extensively with TEDxWinnipeg in organizational and speaker coaching capacities. He has also taught many improv classes to people of all ages, experiences and backgrounds. From professional actors to professional accountants. From children to those attempting to regain the imagination of their inner child.

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