What do we do

The Improv Company is about unlocking and heightening your creativity! We use Applied Improvisation to help people with communication, creativity and adaptability. What is Applied Improvisation? It means that we take the fundamental skill of improv and apply them to many different situations. We bring with us years of experience doing improv, theatre and performance. You bring with you your experiences and knowledge.

Let's build something together.


Our Story

We have been improvisers for decades and have performed and led workshops all around the world. This included headlining festivals, leading hundreds and hundreds of workshops as well as hosting live events and producing events. We love what we do.

After we started working with TEDx and other non-theatre events, we realized that we needed to expand our scope. We saw the skills of improv as being universal and we applied them to public speaking, communication and creative thinking. We think that you'll like what we bring. 

Do you have a fear of public speaking? Do you wish that your team collaborated more? Do you want to enhance your problem-solving skills? Do you want to use your creativity more effectively?

We want that too! 

Our Team


“Caity and Stephen are the X-Factor, the unexplainable piece of the puzzle, in everything they work on. Their openness, quick wit, humanity, and willingness to accept the absurd not only has the two of them giggling but it has their audiences remembering them and their work months after an appearance.”

-Nicole Jensen TEDxWinnipeg Lead

"Stephen not only acts as Emcee but also provides considerable efforts behind the scenes to assist in the organization of the complex event."

-Kerry Stevenson Vice-Chair Board Member of North Forge Technology Exchange


“In addition to reviving classic bits by the likes of Abbot and Costello and Nichols and May, Curtis and Sim riff on the dynamics of those teams with improv that proves the crack timing and rapid-fire verbal one-up-man-ship isn't just an influence on them, it's also their own achievement.”

-CBC Manitoba


“The duo do break out an improv. They’re so sufficiently adept they’d make you think it was scripted....”

-Winnipeg Free Press