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Fall Improv Classes

Fall Improv *Sold Out!

We're offering MORE improv classes in the New Year (starting in January). Please send us a message if you are interested! 

Wednesdays (Intro to Improv)

Sold Out!

Starting Sept 7th into Dec (12-week class!)

(Exact Dates are listed at the bottom)

7:00 - 9:00 pm 

It’s been so long since we've done anything!


It’s time to do something new and stretch your creative muscles. Whether you’re a fresh beginner wanting to try improv for the first time or you’ve done some improv before and want to stretch those muscles again, this is the class for you!


  • Play classic improv games

  • Overcome creative blocks and think on your feet

  • Connect with new people

  • Learn the art of "Yes, And"

Jump into something new!


Did we mention that you’ll laugh a lot? You’ll laugh a lot.


Fort Gary Leisure Centre

625 Osborne St, Winnipeg


Tuesdays (Next Level) & Sundays (Next Level )

Sold Out!

Tuesdays - Sept 6th into December (12-week class!)

(Actual Dates listed at the Bottom)

7:00 - 9:00 pm 

Sundays - Sept 11th into December (12-week class!)

(Actual Dates listed at the Bottom)

4:00 - 6:00 pm 

Have you taken improv classes before and think you might be ready to Level Up?


Have you taken classes with The Improv Company or think you may have enough experience to qualify for this Level 2 improv class? This class will build on your improv skills and knock your improvised scene work to the next level. We will also explore the edits and formats of high-level improv. Let's rocket into the next level together!

  • Bring your improv scenes to life!

  • Expert guidance on Storytelling and Characters

  • Connect with new people

  • Level up your improv format skills

  • Learn new secrets about "Yes, And" that they won't tell you anywhere else

You'll also have a great time!


About the Instructor:

Stephen Sim is an internationally renowned improv performer and instructor with over two decades of improv experience. He has toured all over the world performing improv shows and leading masterclasses. He has headlined festivals internationally and has collaborated on many new improv formats and techniques. He’s the founder and Artistic Director of the Winnipeg Improv Festival and Director of the Improv Company training centre. He absolutely loves teaching improvisation...

He also loves his dog.

Let’s Do Some Improv!

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