Improv and public speaking training







Your team will experience the best possible group mind training known to humankind. More than your average team-building and team bonding. 


We customize an improvisation program for your organization or event. Comedy and laughter and the most fun you can have with a team.


Improv tools are very powerful. Whether you wish to perform on a stage, put on a presentation, or just think faster. We offer all sorts of improv workshops.

We are in the process of adapting our Applied Improvisation workshop to deliver them online.

Stay Tuned. Stay Safe

There are many reasons improv will enhance your business. The art of improvisation holds many transferable skills into the corporate and business world. We will help guide you through these skills. Our expertise and experience make these attainable and will help you unlock your own inner creative force. Corporate training, business training, team building and presentations will be effective and fun. Humour and gameplay will enhance the experience for all those involved.   


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We use improv to unlock your inner creativity