The Improv Company runs improv classes, public speaking training programs and live events. We use the skills of Applied Improvisation to heighten your communication, your creativity and your problem-solving tools. We bring with us decades of internationally renowned workshops and masterclasses and bring them to you and your team.


We are internationally renowned improvisers and trainers ready to guide you on your journey to being more creative, more open to change and more adaptable.

What Can Improv Do For You?

There are many reasons improv will enhance your business. The art of improvisation holds many transferable skills into the corporate and business world. We will help guide you. Our expertise and experience will unlock your inner creative force. Humour and gameplay will enhance the experience for all those involved. 



Maybe Soft Skills aren't so Soft!

The most in-demand soft skill has an ROI


Why Top Companies And MBA Programs Are Teaching Improv


Why Improv Training Is Great Business Training


Improv theatre class is more than just fun and games


Five Things that improv does for you

Crowd of people in an audience of a conference or workshop. It's a diverse and happy crowd.

Soft Skills
aren't so

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